Company Approach

Specialized retail development. We provide both the conceptual design and actual development of new travel retail business opportunities.

Adaptation. We stay successful by being aware of changes in travel patterns, customer preferences and world economic conditions. The world is not static, and merchandising strategies should not be either. Adaptation is key. Truly successful marketing strategies move with the markets.

Mix. It's important in both the offering to a particular clientele, and in establishing any successful retail effort. Our mix includes an array of professionals needed to accomplish successful leasing, business planning, assortment development, store design, and marketing and promotions. We have longstanding relationships with noted design and construction firms building some of the most effective retail shop operations.

Structure. David Green Group is surprisingly simple in its structure. We move quickly as market conditions change - or, more importantly, as we anticipate changes in the regional or global markets.

The management and staff of David Green Group are proven performers in the travel retail industry. We have emerged as one of the handful of companies determined to take travel retail in new directions. We are pushing the limits to expand markets, increase spending, and develop travel retail as a competitor in the larger retail world.