Executives and Staff

Experience ...as stated before, our strength is in our team. With over a hundred years of specialized retail experience among the Group's principals, we quickly move to hundreds of years when we include management and operations associates.

Experience and bold innovation. The best innovation is that which comes from the efforts guided by knowledge seeking to maximize opportunities. We owe our success to our people, each committed to excellence and team partnership while being allowed to perform at their individual best.

It is this style of management that fosters the performance we have accomplished.

Customer service. In a world where the international traveler shopper has a choice where he or she may shop, we emphasize customer service strategies and promises that give our locations an edge over many others. Return policies, multilingual staff and signage, and individual attention to special requests and trends have made our Alaska locations special attractions.

Staff training and retention. The attentiveness and knowledge of experienced customer service staff is critical to our success. We treat our sales and merchandising associates as valued partners in the success of our retail operations, and that translates into confidence and energy on the sales floor.

Executive Organization

David Green Group Executive Staff is comprised of very experienced managers and retailers in areas of airport, department stores and regional stores. Our owners or partners in our joint venture have owned and operated their business enterprises for several years in Alaska and have been subconcessionaires at Anchorage International Airport since 1985. The management staff for David Green Group are knowledgeable and seasoned veterans in airport retailing.

The Joint Venture Members are:

David Green & Sons, Inc., Majority Partner, is an Alaskan corporation since 1951 and the successor of a sole‑proprietorship established in 1922 by David Green. Sons Perry and Jerry Green today continue to manage their business, David Green Master Furrier. Their first airport experience began as product vendors to the general gift concession in the early 1970's. Later they were awarded and operated a fur store sub‑concession for 10 years in the Anchorage International Terminal. In May 1994, they formed a joint venture partnership to bid on the duty free and general merchandise concession at Anchorage International Airport. They were successful and awarded a five‑year term contract from August 1, 1995 to July 31, 2000 and again a new 5 year contract until October 2005.

Horizon Investments, Inc. is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Richard (Rick) Benedetti. Rick is the managing partner for the partners venture development. He has extensive merchandising experience, buyer and airport duty‑free and duty paid merchandising experience.

Sagaya Corporation is the DBE and Minority Partner which is owned by Paul Reid. His successful company operates specialty food & grocery retail stores and wholesaler in Alaska specializing seafood products. Paul Reid was Alaska's Small Businessman of the Year in recent years. Sagaya was awarded a DBE subconcession in 1985 to operate a seafood shop and did so until 1993.

Jay Green is also a minority partner in the venture. Previously Jay was employed to supervise and manage the David Green fur shop concession at AIA. Jay is the owner and operator of Polar Bear Gifts with four large specialty retail gift, news, and souvenir stores in Anchorage.

The Management Team members are:

Roy Uttech is the Operations Manager which has responsibility for retail and warehouse operations, as well as loss prevention and Merchandising. Roy was also a former manager with DFS in Alaska and Guam for over 25 years, with extensive merchandising and operations experience.

Karl Kjelstad is an experienced manager in airport retailing with a background in accounting, computer systems analyst, financial analysis, merchandise buying in food & candy and liquor & tobacco categories. He also is a former DFS Group manager for over 20 years.

Open Position, Human Resources Manager job responsibilities include employee hiring, benefits administration, new hire training, personnel policy & procedural and employee development programs.

Sonja Love-Hestnes and Marilyn Flanagan are two very experienced category managers with responsibility for branded apparel, accessories, luxury hardgoods, cosmetics & fragrances and souvenirs & local apparel. Both managers were employed by DFS Group in Alaska and West offices.