Business Strategies

Individual attention. We know that in a highly competitive, truly global environment, retail development does not happen on a production line.

A sense of place. We believe that travel retailers who do not evoke a sense of place are retailers destined to underachieve. We bring consistency and quality merchandising strategies to our displays of branded products. Each location has unique possibilities to consider when creating an entertaining atmosphere.

Quality for value. We believe in providing quality, branded products and regional specialties at competitive values. In a world where distance has been compressed, and opportunities to shop have been expanded, competitive prices and quality-for-value are central to a successful pricing philosophy.

Partnerships. We are committed to development of innovative travel retail stores. Our commitment is to preserving the standard of quality our vendors demand while enhancing performance through experienced and effective merchandising practices. We have earned the confidence of our both lessor and vendor partners.

Our commitment is to enhance the performance our vendors expect through experienced negotiating, new products development, effective buying practices and key vendor partnerships. We have earned the confidence of our resources which moves us from buyer/vendor relationship to what we call key vendor partnerships. A partial list of our vendors are noted on the merchandise page of this company website.